I’m not sure about you guys, but playing racing games like Asphalt and Real Racing on the iPad is a lot more fun compared to playing it on the iPhone, probably due to the size of the iPad which is almost the size of a steering wheel, giving it a more “realistic” feel to it and providing better control. However that’s just my opinion, but if you think that racing games are indeed more fun with a larger device, you might be interested to learn that an Indiegogo project has recently been launched for an iPad accessory called the KOLOS, an accessory which its inventors are calling the first iPad gaming wheel.


As you might have surmised, the KOLOS is an accessory that you can use with your iPad. It comes with clamps in the middle that you can hook your iPad to, and clamps at the bottom that allows you to attach it to a table’s edge. This will basically transform your iPad into a steering wheel of sorts in which you can use to play racing games, or basically any game that requires you to tilt your tablet to the left or right. It sounds like a pretty awesome idea and if you’d like to learn more, check it out in the video above or head on over to its website for the details.

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