The bitter chill of winter will soon be upon us, at least for the folks living in the northern hemisphere. Trust the Japanese to come up with some pretty funky accessories for all of you desk-bound computer users, and this time around, we have the USB Futon Mouse pad warmer. Brace yourself, winter is coming – according to Lord Eddard Stark. Hailing from gadget mavens Thanko, the USB Futon Mouse pad warmer is said to be based on the “original” Japanese Futon concept, where it will even boast of a cushion that doubles up as a wrist rest.

It does seem that your hand will not have any issues keeping itself warm this winter, as Thanko did warn potential purchasers of the USB Futon Mouse pad warmer that it will be able to reach temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius ( 122 degrees F). Sure sounds as though it is a whole lot more comfortable than wearing layers and layers of clothing whenever the mercury drops. This does seem to shape up to be one of those weird and wacky Christmas presents that you can pick up for your family members or friends. Definitely not the thing for gamers, though.

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