thanko-usb-shoesDo you wear a pair of socks each time you slip your shoes on? If you have answered in the affirmative, and happen to suffer from extremely sweaty feet that cause your socks to stink at the end of each day, perhaps it is a good idea to pick up the USB Shoes Cooler from Thanko. Otherwise known as the “Mure Mure Non Non”, it might prove to be a lifesaver for those who might want to help themselves get out of a potentially embarrassing situation at work.

The “Mure Mure Non Non” would arrive alongside an USB cable that is connected to an air tube. All you need to do is hook up the USB cable to your PC’s USB port, place the end of the air tube in your pair of shoes, switch the device on, and presto – it will automatically get to work, sending cool air right into your shoes without missing a beat, while ensuring whatever sweat there is down there will evaporate as quickly as possible, keeping your feet fresh smelling and dry.

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