thanko-slim-aerial-camThanko has rolled out its fair share of weird gizmos in the past, where some of them have proved to be functional, while others can be considered to be hilarious such as this pair of Thanko Prism Glasses. This time around, we are looking at something more practical than light hearted, in the form of an extremely light video camera that tips the scales at 18 grams. All you need to do is hook it up to a radio-controlled helicopter, and you are good to go, capturing shots from above (and perhaps to see just what your kids are up to at the neighbor’s treehouse when they think that you do not have the Eye of Sauron).

With this unique Thanko aerial camera, you are able to change the angle of the lens by up to 90 degrees, and it does not matter if you are shooting a still or moving object, it will still get the job done. Still images are shot continuously, allowing you to pick from the serial shoot duration that ranges from 5 seconds to a whole minute. Alternatively, if you prefer some shots from ground level, it works great with radio controlled cars, although either way, I cannot help but wonder whether folks would use this for downblouse and upskirt shots.

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