thanko-prism-glassSometimes, being all uptight and formal is just not our style. After all, why be so formal when you can sit back and relax when the situation allows it, especially after you have had a particularly difficult day at the office? I guess this is where this pair of Thanko Prism Glasses is all about. There are moments when you just want to kick your shoes off, relax and lie down on the bed, all the while wanting to watch what’s being shown on the TV without requiring you to lift your neck. Now, if you were to get a pillow to support your head, it would end up aching after a while, and is definitely not good for the posture.

Enter this Thanko Prism Glasses, where it works in the same principle as that of a submarine periscope. All you need to do is slip on a pair of these puppies, lie down, turn on the TV and voila! – you are able to view what’s going on without having to strain your neck. Best of all is, the Thanko Prism Glasses are flexible and large sized enough to wear over your existing pair of glasses, assuming that they are reasonably sized, of course.

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