While most of us are content playing games, there are gamers out there who would love to be involved in the process as well. If you think that you’re such a gamer, it looks like Valve wants you to drop by their offices and test out unreleased games and hardware for them! According to a forum post by a Valve employee, the gaming company revealed their plans to have the general public come and test out some of their unreleased products.

“We’re looking for folks to come to Valve and playtest both released and unreleased versions of our games as well as play around with some of our hardware prototypes,” wrote BurtonJ. “If you have interest in stopping by (most sessions last around an hour), please fill out the survey below. We’re looking for people local to the Seattle/Bellevue area, but you’re welcome to fill out the survey no matter where you live as we may have plans for remote playtests in the future. Thanks for your interest in helping us make better products!”

We expect that those who are selected will have to sign an NDA but hey, it’s still pretty awesome, plus you’ll probably get to see how games and hardware is developed as well. If you’re interested in giving Valve a hand, you will have to take the Playtester survey first. At the moment this offer is limited to US only, although Valve states that they plan to add international support later. So, who’s planning on signing up?

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