Hmmm, judging by today’s news, can you say that Microsoft is not getting the kind of respect that they deserve? I am referring to the fact that Halo 4 has already been leaked over the weekend, and while there are repercussions for those who downloaded it and played the game, it has not stopped folks from doing so, either. Having said that, Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system which is scheduled for a rollout later this month has already been put up for sale at Walmart according to The Verge (who also provided the photo). As to whether this is an isolated incident or not remains to be seen, but what you see above is an image of Windows 8 Pro being put for sale for $70 a pop.

The official release date for Windows 8 is this coming October 26th, and word on the street has it that Walmart employees have informed their customers that Windows 8 Pro is already available for sale, it is just that Walmart did not do any promotional work just yet. Which part of the communications line do you think resulted in this particular snafu?

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