Buying your gadgets off eBay might be a good way to land yourself a deal, but on the flipside there is always a chance that the product sold to you is a fake, which means you could have wasted a few hundred dollars thinking you were about to get the genuine article. That principle applies to all sorts of products, including Apple’s range of Mac computers and iOS devices. Interestingly it seems that Apple has quietly launched an official eBay storeof their own in which eBay shoppers will be able to purchase refurbished Apple products from.

Prior to this eBay store, refurbished Apple products were mainly bought via Apple’s online retail website, but we guess now there’s an alternative channel for the eBay shopper. If you were hoping for lower prices prepare to be disappointed as they appear to be priced similarly to Apple’s website, but the good news is that this means that you will be receiving the same warranty as well. In fact depending on where you live, you could find yourself paying lower taxes which we guess could translate into savings.

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