Reception towards the new Lightning connector is a mixed bag of goodies, where it was released in conjunction with the iPhone 5, and not everyone embraced yet another different kind of proprietary connector as this would mean they will have to purchase adapters as well as upgrade their accessories collection should they decide to jump aboard the iPhone 5 bandwagon. In particular, the Lightning 8-pin plug came with an authentication chip that allows data transfer and manages the charging of the smartphone, but upon checking it out in greater detail, the authentication chip is not the most secure thing in the world, resulting in China flooding the world eventually with cheap third-party cables. Belkin does seem to have join the fray as well, sporting a car-charger for your iPhone 5 at $29.99 a pop, while the Charge & Sync Dock will also retail for the same price.

The Charge & Sync Dock will rely on your current Lightning cable which was part of your iPhone, so it is not that groundbreaking, and neither will it turn heads – functional is the word that I would use to describe it. Expect both accessories to ship by the 15th of this month, as they are now available for pre-order.

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