Whenever we watch those high octane movies that have plenty of guns, grenades and explosions where the hero seems to be invincible to all the shrapnel that is flying around, nary suffering from so much as a scratch, there are moments when vehicles ram into buildings – with a plane being the largest ride to do so, although it is pretty rare to see a ship explode to smithereens on the silver screen. Truth, as they say, is stranger than fiction, and it seems as though the Discovery Channel purposely annihilated a plane worth millions of dollars into the desert, while observing the science behind the passengers’ best chance for survival.

I guess this is one experiment that you should get it right the first time, which follows a motto that some might adopt, “Do it once, do it right.” After all, it is not that easy recreating a crash scene, and blowing up jet planes might not go down well with the main board of the airline committee. Should the Discovery Channel manage to make the most out of this purposeful crash, it will definitely make flying even safer than it already is – all 2.8 billion flights that take place annually.

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