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New Engine System For Planes Could Usher In Speedy Travel Worldwide
Air travel has become so commonplace and convenient these days, that we are starting to look into commercial space exploration. However, this does not mean that the world of commercial aviation has not more room for improvement – no sir, I am quite sure that passengers would love to cut down the travel time whenever they go from one continent to another. After all, flying from the US all the […]

Planes Could Be New Weather Sensors
Being efficient is about maximizing what you have at the moment, doing it right within the shortest time possible, although being efficient might not necessarily be the best course of action when it comes to relationships. Having said that, commercial airliners might have one more hat to wear the next time they take to the skies – that of a flying weather station, in an effort to increase the accuracy […]

FAA Dismisses Claims An Android App's Ability To Takeover A Plane
We reported on a story where a hacker claimed to have created an Android application that would be able to completely take over an aircraft. Hugo Teso, who is a security consultant and ex-commercial pilot, says his application would be able to make an aircraft “dance to his tune,” but the FAA has dismissed Teso’s claims today.The FAA responded to Teso’s claims by saying the systems that are certified to be […]

Commercial jet plane crashed as an experiment
Whenever we watch those high octane movies that have plenty of guns, grenades and explosions where the hero seems to be invincible to all the shrapnel that is flying around, nary suffering from so much as a scratch, there are moments when vehicles ram into buildings – with a plane being the largest ride to do so, although it is pretty rare to see a ship explode to smithereens on […]


Engineers create first ever air-to-ground quantum network
Quantum cryptography is held to be one of the most secure methods of encrypting data. This is because if a quantum-encrypted data is intercepted to be read or altered, it changes and the interception is immediately detectable. Scientists have long been trying to apply quantum-encryption in the real world.And now, a German team of engineers has been able to create the first-ever air-to-ground quantum network over which data has been […]

Climate-Controlled Airline Seats On Their Way
Ever felt too cold during a flight? Or too hot, for that matter? Researchers are now working to devise a solution to tackle that. Work is being done at Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics to create such airline seats which could provide the passengers with different climatic options.With the help of the new specially designed airline seats, passengers will be able to adjust the temperature of their seats as well […]

Man arrested for refusing to turn off phone in plane
Ever since 9/11 reshaped the way aviation security was conducted, there has been many, many more restrictions, making air travel a whole lot more troublesome than before. You now cannot carry liquids more than 100ml, you’ll have to ditch that water bottle of yours before checking in, remove your shoes and belt, and heck, in some cases, go through a full body scanner to get all your inner bits looked […]

Google teams up with NASA and CAFE for the Green Flight Challenge
Remember the Elektra One, the electricity-powered plane that PC-Aero developed for NASA and CAFE’s Green Flight Challenge? Well, it has just been announced that Google will be joining NASA and CAFE in sponsoring the Green Flight Challenge. The event, which has been rescheduled to September 25 to October 3, will see teams from all over the USA competing with their most eco-friendly aircrafts for the grand prize of $1,650,000.

Acturus: the tiny drone plane capable of not so tiny destruction
The folks over at the Acturus company recently built a new tiny spy plane drone, called Acturus, that’s the unmanned equivalent of a compact car. It features a wingspan of a bit over 17 feet and weighs only 100-pounds.While Acturus’ primary purpose is to act as a spy plane, the Acturus company have managed to outfit it with a Saber – a 10lbs laser-guided missile. This makes the drone plane […]

Solar Impulse airplane takes to the international skies
In an ongoing effort to make the world a greener place, everybody is either going electric, solar or some other form of renewable energy. While we’ve had quite a number of such cars, vehicles such as airplanes are rarely in the spotlight for utilizing such technologies. This is where Solar Impulse HB-SIA comes in. The solar-powered aircraft is capable of cruising at top speeds of 70km/h while staying over 27,900 […]

FlyNano plane lets you fly without a license
If you want to have a go at piloting a plane but can’t be bothered to sit through flying lessons (or your flying license has been suspended) there is a way for you to be in the driver’s seat in midair. A Finnish aeronautical engineer, Aki Suokas, recently launched a new single-seat aircraft called the FlyNano this week at Aero Friedrichshafen. The extremely lightweight vehicle is made entirely of carbon […]

Elektra One: the electricity-powered plane
In the future, our airplanes might not need gas to fly anymore. For NASA’s CAFE Green Flight Challenge, PC-Aero recently came up with a prototype plane, the Elektra One; that runs completely on electricity. Powered by batteries, the single seater aircraft successfully completed its maiden flight, climbing 500 meters in the air and landed without a hitch. Then just last week, the plane took to the skies again, this time […]

Boeing 747-8 lands its first flight successfully
Over the weekend, Boeing’s latest jumbo jet, the 747-8 took to the skies for its first ever flight. It left Everett, Washington; accompanied by two Lockheed T-33 chase planes and landed at Boeing Field, Seattle after travelling in the skies for 4 hours and 25 minutes. The 747-8 is Boeing’s biggest creation (to date) and it has a wing span of 224 feet and 7 inches. But with a maximum […]

FedEx Dreams Of A Robotic Plane Fleet In The Future
While we’re busy thinking of having robots fetch us beer at home, FedEX CEO Fred Smith is already envisioning a future where unmanned flying drones will be able to deliver packages to consumers, instead of being limited to military duties only. In his vision, these planes will not be entirely unmanned, rather a lead plane would be piloted by a human, but a squadron of robotic cargo planes will follow […]