plane-systemAir travel has become so commonplace and convenient these days, that we are starting to look into commercial space exploration. However, this does not mean that the world of commercial aviation has not more room for improvement – no sir, I am quite sure that passengers would love to cut down the travel time whenever they go from one continent to another. After all, flying from the US all the way to Australia or New Zealand takes a very, very long time – imagine if you could arrive at your destination in just 4 hours instead of multiples of four.

This is what this new engine system is all about, where it is being researched and constructed for a passenger plane that theoretically speaking, will be able to ferry up to 300 people anywhere in the world – in a matter of just 4 hours, now how about that? Reaction Engines are working on this new technology, where the air that enters the Sabra engine will be cooled by more than 1,000 degrees Celsius in .01 seconds, and theoretically speaking, this lets the engine run at a higher power level. In other words, we get Mach 5 performance.

The aircraft, known as Skylon, will be 276 feet long and can even make its way into space. However, the asking price of £1.1 billion apiece would mean that Skylon planes are out of reach for many other than the extremely rich. Testing of Skylon is tipped to kick off in 2019.

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