It is safe to say that Google owns quite a fair share of the internet. After all people are now saying that you should “Google it”, as opposed to “search for it” when trying to find information online. Google has also made tremendous headway when it comes to the mobile space as well, with Android being a huge competitor against Apple’s iOS platform, so it wouldn’t be completely out of line to imagine if Google might one day like to become a carrier of their own. In turn this could help Google control the mobile space a bit better, and allow them to push out timely updates to their handsets without having to await carrier approval first.

This was revealed in a report by the Wall Street Journal where they cited anonymous sources who claims that Google is in talks with Dish Network Corp, where Google is hoping to be Dish’s partner in an upcoming wireless service which they have assumed could be in reference to Google becoming a carrier of sorts. The source has indicated that the talks with Google were not advanced and it could very well result in nothing, but at the same time Dish has confirmed that they are still seeking potential partners who might be interested in becoming a carrier using its own spectrum.

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