While other webmail services such as Yahoo and Hotmail are still being used, we guess to a certain extent it is almost expected that everyone has a Gmail email address. After all with Google offering users 1GB of storage when they first launched, there was a massive difference in storage space compared to Yahoo and Hotmail back then which we guess helped Google to gain some ground. Now thanks to a ComScore report, it seems that Gmail has proven to be the most popular webmail service in the world as it edged out its competitors, Hotmail and Yahoo with 287.9 million unique visitors in October, versus 286.2 million for Hotmail while Yahoo managed 281.7 million to claim third place. These are global figures although surprisingly in the US, it seems that Yahoo has an edge over Google with 76.7 million versus Gmail’s 69.1 million, while Hotmail only managed 35.5 million.

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