We’ve seen tons of Android tablets released in the past in a variety of different sizes, 7”, 8”, 10” and etc. Many believed that the 10” Android offerings could be competitors to the iPad but so far most of them have fallen short, although Google’s Nexus 10 could change that (fingers crossed). But why has it taken Google so long to release a 10” tablet of their own? After all we’ve seen many released by ASUS, Samsung, Acer, Motorola, and etc. just to name a few. Well in an interview with the New York Times, Google’s director of business development for Android, John Lagerling, stated that the 10” tablet category was “overpriced and underpowered, and we wanted to see what we could do.”

The Nexus 10 is probably one of the most powerful Android tablets to date, and with an unadulterated Android experience, we wouldn’t be surprised if it experienced a tremendous amount of success, but what do you guys think? Will the Nexus 10 be the device that finally dethrones the iPad? In the meantime if you’re trying to decide if the Nexus 10 is the tablet for you, check out our comprehensive review of the device here.

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