There has been whispers of Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 being made available to the masses in due time, and I guess all of that waiting has finally paid off – where the Release Preview of Internet Explorer 10 is now ready to be downloaded from Microsoft’s site if you so desire to have a go at the Windows 7 build. It is said to come with a similar look and feel as that of the Windows 8 counterpart, where you will be able to take advantage of your computer’s hardware acceleration support, while enjoying full-screen browsing, additional multitouch support as well as a predictive “Flip ahead” feature which intends to make the best guess as to what kind of page you want to read or see next.


Folks who own a Windows 7 powered machine which does not come with a touchscreen display are still able to take advantage of the multitouch gestures in Internet Explorer via a trackpad, with all the relevant drivers in place, of course. Fret not, I am quite sure that you will not miss much if you have not given such multitouch gestures a go before, and after all, there is nothing wrong with enjoying the standard issue mouse and keyboard, is there?

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