Droid Incredible 2 ReviewSo we know that HTC was supposed to release the Android 4.0 ICS updated for the DROID Incredible 2, but so far we’ve only seen a leaked Android 4.0 ROM back in August, with HTC coming forward and acknowledging that there would be a delay in the update sometime back in September. Given that it’s already past the middle of November, we’re sure that there are many DROID Incredible 2 owners wondering if and when the update would arrive for their handsets. With HTC being rather quiet on that front, it would have been safe to assume that the update might have been cancelled or simply forgotten, but thankfully HTC has responded to an enquiry on Twitter about the status of the update.

According to the HTC rep who posted on Twitter, it seems that the company has had some connectivity issue with the software, which apparently explains the delay. It looks like they’re still working on a resolution and they will release more information when it is available. Whether this means the update will arrive next week or next year is anyone’s guess, but for now it’s still a glimmer of hope for DROID Incredible 2 owners.

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