For those of us who are voracious readers, how has the eReader market changed your reading habits? Have you actually started to migrate to the digital platform, or have you remained a firm believer in the traditional paperback and hardcover? Well, if you want to give the eReader platform a go, you might want to cozy up with what PocketBook has in mind – with the announcement of an 8-inch eReader which will come with a front-lit color E Ink display. The resolution count on this display is nothing much to shout about, especially when you consider the paltry 600 x 800 pixel display that does 4,096 colors at best. To see it debut in June next year would surely not make any of the other tablet manufacturers quake in their boots, as this technology is obsolete even as we speak, although one needs to bear in mind that this is a dedicated eReader and not a tablet that does e-books.

The Color E Ink display does function a whole lot like grayscale E Ink displays, where the screen itself is illuminated from ambient light instead of a backlight, and this helps save power while assisting eReader manufacturers to construct devices that have superior battery life. Hopefully the final price point will be affordable enough for the masses when this PocketBook eReader rolls out next year.

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