The all-seeing Eye (of Sauron, who else?) could eventually end up as the all-seeing Pi – the Raspberry Pi, of course. This is made possible thanks to an upcoming camera board which will work in tandem with the unused CSI pins on the $35 Raspberry Pi. The resolution count is nothing much to shout about in this day and age, but 5-megapixels ought to be more than enough – and it is more than capable of 1080p, 30fps video, now how about that? Do not fret that the prototype which was being paraded over at Electronica 2012 is attached via old school scotch tape technology, the Pi foundation has promised that the final deal will arrive with a proper mount to keep things in its place as the updated Raspberry Pi starts to ship from next year onwards for $25 a pop.

Not only that, the Pi foundation also announced that there will be a new port from the Notch gaming group which would certainly go down well with Minecraft fans, as “Minecraft: Pi edition” is being fleshed out. Needless to say, the Raspberry Pi will have enough muscle to handle the game, and it also supports a bunch of other programming languages, where the more ambitious among you are able to modify the game world with code.

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