Are you the sort of person who misplaces their keys or wallet easily? Well if you are then this Indiegogo project called StickNFind could be worth investing in. Basically StickNFind is a combination of Bluetooth-enabled stickers along with an accompanying app that will help you locate your missing keys or wallet. The stickers themselves are around the size of a quarter and aren’t too intrusive or bulky, which means attaching them to objects you might easily misplace will not be a hassle seem out of place. Through the use of Bluetooth, the app will be able to let you know when you are within proximity of the object you misplaced, and at the same time it will let you know when an object is out of proximity which should help people remember to bring their keys or wallets before leaving the house.

While the app will ping the user when they are near the object,  it unfortunately does not appear to be able to point to where exactly it is, so to a certain extent there is still a little bit of hide and seek going on albeit less frustrating compared to having no idea if you’re closer or further away from finding whatever it is you were looking for. Each sticker comes with a battery that can be replaced, although its creators estimate a year’s lifespan with an average use of 30 minutes a day. A pledge of $35 will net you a minimum of 2 stickers, but if you’d like more, expect to pledge more as well. Head on over to its Indiegogo page for the rundown.

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