T-Mobile logoOut of the four major carriers, T-Mobile is the only one that does not offer the iPhone in the official capacity, but at the same time the carrier supports users who use iPhones on their network. Now the good news is that if you’re an iPhone user on T-Mobile’s network, the carrier has recently announced that they have launched their improved HSPA+ network into three markets. This is part of the carrier’s $4 billion investment to launch LTE in 2013 and improving HSPA+ in some areas by reallocating 2G spectrum for 4G.


The areas in which the improved HSPA+ network has been launched are Baltimore, Houston and Washington D.C. metro areas. According to T-Mobile, the improved speeds should allow iPhone 4S’ on HSPA+ to reach 70% faster download speeds compared to iPhone 4S’ on AT&T’s network. It certainly sounds good on paper but we guess it will be subject to coverage and traffic, but if you’re an iPhone 4S user on T-Mobile’s network in those areas, let us know if you can tell if there has been an improvement in network speeds.

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