The iPad mini was launched not too long ago, and assuming Apple keeps to its yearly schedule, the next-gen iPad mini will probably see a launch next year around the same time. However Apple did break that trend when they released the iPad 4 less than a year after the third-gen iPad, so might it be possible that they might do the same with the iPad mini? According to RBC Capital Markets analyst Doug Freedman, it seems that production of the next-gen iPad mini might have been accelerated. According to Freedman, “iPad Mini Gen-2: Apple’s gen-2 iPad mini is getting pulled-in, and is likely to have several new suppliers, with TXN gaining content,” with the term “pulled-in” referring to Apple bringing forward the iPad mini’s launch schedule, and with TXN referring to Texas Instruments.

Assuming this is true, it is unclear at the moment when exactly will the next-gen iPad mini will launch, but rumor has it that it will most likely sport a Retina display. What do you guys make of this? An earlier release would no doubt not go down well with current iPad mini owners who might feel ripped off, but as is the case with all rumors, it’s best taken with a grain of salt until more official information has been made available.

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