Considering that the last Baldur’s Gate game was released a little over a decade ago, there have been many games that have taken its place, although given that the game was highly popular during its time, and thanks to the popularity of the Forgotten Realms franchise, there are still many gamers out there who reminisce about the game from time to time. Beamdog has attempted to revive the game by launching Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition which is basically an updated version of the game playable on tablet with improved graphics and features, but what about a possible third sequel? Could that be in the cards for the future?

According to Beamdog’s Trent Oster, Baldur’s Gate 3 is definitely in the cards, although chances are it will not be what most gamers will expect. Oster reveals that internally they refer to it as Baldur’s Gate Next, although they are finding it pretty challenging in terms of developing a storyline, especially since the Throne of Bhaal expansion tied up the franchise pretty well. Of course there is always the possibility where the character forgets everything and restarts again, but we guess that wouldn’t be as compelling as a brand new storyline.

The good news is that gamers who were worried that the next Baldur’s Gate title might see it remade in 3D, you guys can rest assured because Beamdog plans to keep it as “a top-down, party-based, isometric RPG set in Dungeons & Dragons, keeping the core values of the Baldur’s Gate franchise,” presumably with updated graphics of course. Even better news is that publisher, Wizards of the Coast, appear to be on board with the idea of a third installment in the Baldur’s Gate franchise, which means that sometime down the road the game could actually be made a reality. Anyone else besides me looking forward to a possible Baldur’s Gate 3?

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