Being hit by a vehicle is no laughing matter, and over time, we have seen vehicle manufacturers come up with different technologies that are more pedestrian friendly. Some cars have sensors in front as well as a different way where the front crumple zone works in the event where it hits a pedestrian at slow speeds. Well, what you see above might not be the best looking ride in town, but it might save some lives in the process. The supersoft cushion car that was developed by Hiroshima University, being fully electric and surrounded by ultra-strong air-filled cushions which will offer protection to those within as well as outside of the car.

Basically, it transforms life-destroying collisions into mere belly bounces, with a maximum speed of 50km/h and a range of 30 kilometers on a full charge. Also known as the iSAVE-SC1, it costs $9,300 a pop if you are interested in picking up. The roof is made out of plastic and is interchangeable, and so are the cushioned bumpers for that added touch of customization. Not the kind of ride to pick up the ladies, for sure.

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