It’s Friday which means we’re all just a few hours away to the weekend, which also means we’re a few hours away from getting our drink on. I’m not much of a drinker, but I certainly can appreciate the deliciousness that is the piña colada. And apparently scientists in Australia can also appreciate the delicious drink as they have grown coconut-flavored pineapples.

Australian researchers in a facility located in Queensland have actually been working on coconut-flavored pineapples for several years, with the product being in its final stages. The AusFestival pineapple was initially discovered by accident, and just like your little sister, turned out to be an accident people grew to love.

Seeing how much research has gone into attempting to cure hundreds of thousands of diseases that will potentially kill us all, we’re happy to see some research go into something a lot more fun. Unfortunately for you piña colada lovers out there, the AusFestival pineapple won’t be planted commercially for a few years. Until then, make a trip down to your local liquor store, grab some piña colada mix and toast the results of this awesome discovery.

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