The iPhone 5 is certainly a pleasure to touch, but thanks to the use of aluminum instead of stainless steel and glass like the iPhone 4/4S, there have been many reports that users are starting to see the sides of their iPhone 5 begin to chip, but what about Apple’s new iPad mini? Could the tablet be prone to chipping too? So far we haven’t really heard any news about such a problem, but according to a Reddit user by the name of Stone-D, he has posted a photo of his iPad mini (pictured above) and as you can see, the side of the tablet has been severely chipped through normal use of the Smart Case.


However since we don’t know how he uses his iPad mini, he could be abusing it for all we know, it’s hard to tell if this chipping has stemmed from abuse of the tablet, or through regular use which could suggest that either the iPad mini chips just as easily as the iPhone 5, or Stone-D was just unlucky and his particular unit might have run into some problems during the manufacturing process. iPad mini owners out there, what do you make of this? Do you find your iPad mini to be as delicate as the iPhone 5, or did Stone-D just get a bad unit?

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