BBM for the Blackberry Playbook tablet has long been teased and we’re sure that many Playbook owners are still waiting, or have probably given up by now. While a release date for the app has yet to be announced by RIM, screenshots from the Blackberry Playbook have been spotted (via with a native BBM app running on top of it. We can’t confirm if these screenshots are indeed the native version of BBM for the Playbook, but if they are, what do you guys think? At the moment BBM can be run on the Playbook but it requires Blackberry Bridge and a Blackberry smartphone, meaning that if you bought the Playbook without owning a Blackberry smartphone, you would be out of luck. While BBM via Blackberry Bridge no doubt gets the job done, there are some features missing that we’re sure Blackberry owners would love to see on the Playbook. In any case we’ll keep our eyes peeled for a possible release date – who knows, maybe RIM will announce it on the 30th of January at their Blackberry 10 launch!

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