Just when you thought that the megapixel wars are over, here we are with word that Toshiba’s spanking new TCM5115CL 20-megapixel image sensor is being prepared to roll out to the masses, with it being the highest-resolution ever image sensor constructed that will target point-and-shoot cameras. Hmmm, perhaps it is the dawn of a new megapixel war, and who are we to argue with the industry movers and shakers? Just when you thought that there was no longer any more point to cramming in additional pixels onto small image sensors, here we are with Toshiba’s version, where this new 1/2.3-inch image sensor will pack in 25% more pixels than usual.

Could this be a visual breakthrough for image quality? Who knows, until we see the actual devices released itself. Still, a 1/2.3-inch sensor is surely in need for better performance considering the amount of pixels that it already has. Let us wait and see what happens next August when these sensors ship out with a new batch of cameras. [Press Release]

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