Don’t you just love upgrades? Owners of the Nissan Leaf in the US would be pleased to hear the words from Andy Palmer, Nissan’s executive vice president, when he wrote concerning a new enhancement to the “warranty coverage of the battery system that powers the Nissan Leaf.” If you were to put it in plain English, that means owners of the Nissan Leaf who has experienced a loss in battery capacity (which has been defined as dropping lower than nine bars in the first five years or 60,000 miles), Nissan will “repair or replace the battery under warranty with a new or remanufactured battery to restore capacity at or above a minimum of nine bars.”

After examining the rest of the electric vehicle manufacturers out there, this move by Nissan would make it the first and only manufacturer in the automotive industry to deliver limited warranty coverage for battery capacity loss for electric vehicles. This move will affect only US Nissan Leafs, ranging from model years 2011 to the upcoming 2013 models, although there is a worldwide plan ready to be implemented.

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