Nissan’s famous Leaf electric car will now be able to offer you more range. The company updated it back in 2017 and today it has introduced a new version of the Leaf. It’s called the Leaf e+ and can travel 226 miles on a single charge. Nissan says that this represents a 40 percent improvement in range. In the simplest of terms, the car has a bigger battery.

The updated Nissan Leaf that came out in 2017 had a 40kWh battery was good for 150 miles of range. This particular vehicle features a 62kWh battery which pushes the range over the 200 mile threshold.

Nissan mentions that the new battery pack is almost the same size as the previous one and that the overall height of the car has only changed by 5mm. Even though the battery is bigger, Nissan says that the Leaf e+ will take almost the same amount of time to be fully charged as the 40kWh model.

The motor has been bumped up to 150kW as well to generate the equivalent of almost 200 horsepower. This will allow the car to be quicker when moving from standstill and also achieve higher speeds.

Nissan will begin selling the Leaf e+ in Japan this year for around $38,300. The car will arrive in Europe by mid-2019 where it will cost the equivalent of $52,000. The car will be launched in the United States this spring but the company is yet to confirm the pricing for this market. Nissan will be offering three trim levels for the vehicle.

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