Do you know what does the unicorn and the Apple HDTV have in common? Both of them remain in the realm of fantasy, although the probability of the Apple HDTV making the jump into our fabric of space and time is a whole lot higher than finding an actual unicorn in this day and age. While many folks have given up on the Apple HDTV at least in the immediate future, Piper Jaffray’s analyst Gene Munster continues to keep the faith, informing Bloomberg over an audio interview that the Apple HDTV is on track to hit the mass consumer market, according to the information he received based on checks with Asian suppliers.

Munster continued to share that Apple is working on making sure the set ships without any issues, where one of them would be an undisputed remote control to shame all we’ve seen so far, while the other would be the all important content-on-demand factor. Do you think that Apple has what it takes to change the way the TV market works? The image above is meant for illustrative purposes only.

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