Apple’s retail stores, just like Starbucks, is pretty iconic in terms of its design, the choice of furniture, the colors and its layout, and it seems that Apple has been successfully granted a trademark over the layout of their store and its design! This trademark was originally applied for back in 2010 and was successfully granted about a week ago. According to the trademark’s description, “There are cantilevered shelves below recessed display spaces along the side walls, and rectangular tables arranged in a line in the middle of the store parallel to the walls and extending from the storefront to the back of the store.”

Most, if not all of Apple’s retail stores adhere to this layout, albeit with minor changes depending on the size of the location, but it is safe to say that regardless of which country you’re in, you can expect to find a similar shopping experience whenever you walk into an Apple retail store. In fact some of Apple’s competitors have tried to mimic the design i.e. Microsoft, and spotted in China awhile back were fake Apple stores where the layout was pretty much copied to the letter.

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