Keyboards are more or less the same and it’s quite hard to “improve” on it, apart from ergonomics which some might disregard over features like macro buttons, mechanical keys and etc., which basically means that it really boils down to the preference of the user. However wouldn’t it be somewhat of a novel idea of the keys on our keyboards were actually dynamic in the sense that they could change depending on what we are typing or what kind of software we are running? If you said yes to that, then this concept keyboard with e-ink keycaps might be worth taking a look at, and could leave you actually wanting the product to be made.

This concept was cooked up by designers Maxim Mezentsev and Aleksander Suhih who envisioned a keyboard featuring e-ink keycaps that would change depending on the situation at hand. For example if you were surfing on a foreign website like a Japanese or Korean website, maybe the keys could change to Japanese or Korean characters, and switch back again to English later. Or maybe it can even be mapped out to show Photoshop keyboard shortcuts or display symbols that one might not typically find of normal keyboards. It’s a pretty novel idea but it has some potential – what say you?

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