[CES 2013] Digital Storm is a name known by gamers as a company that puts out some pretty decent gaming computers, both desktop and laptop, and it looks like for CES 2013, the company has taken the wraps off their latest gaming rig in the form of the Aventum II, the successor to 2012’s Aventum which was primarily known for its liquid cooling system. Since gaming rigs tend to draw a lot of power, a good cooling system needs to be in place to ensure that the machine stays properly cooled and that’s what Digital Storm is hoping to achieve with the Aventum II by introducing nickel plated copper piping.

According to Digital Storm, not only will the addition of the copper piping on top of the Aventum’s proprietary cooling design aid with system durability, but as you can see in the image above, it certainly adds on to the aesthetic appeal of the entire machine. Digital Storm has also introduced a newly designed control board that allows the user to control up to 22 additional fans via an exclusive piece of software. The interior of the Aventum II has also been redesigned, with the thermal compartment now divided into two separate channels which should reduce air congestion. Pricing of the Aventum II has yet to be confirmed.

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