[CES 2013] Depending on what kind of work you do, there are times when you may venture out into places where a stable source of electricity is not available, which means that charging your phone, laptop, tablet, lights or other electronic equipment might not be feasible. The folks at Goal Zero are hoping to bring that added level of convenience to you with the Yeti 150 Solar Generator Kit, which is the follow up and slightly smaller version of the Yeti 1250 launched back in 2012. The Yeti 150 will weigh 12 pounds and according to the company, will be ideal for camping or emergency preparedness.

The Yeti 150 will feature a 150 watt battery which will power a variety of electronic equipment, such as lights and laptops via its built-in AC, 12V and USB ports. What makes the Yeti 150 ideal for those situations described would be the fact that it is charged using solar energy, making it ideal to bring with you during outdoor activities, or keeping it charged and stored for future use. Goal Zero claims the Yeti 150 will be able to reach a full charge in the sun in 15 hours thanks to its include 15W Boulder 15 Solar Panel. Pricing and availability of the Yeti 150 Solar Generator Kit has yet to be determined.

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