When Google Glass was announced last May, we’re sure you were as impressed with the device as we were. Having that much power right on your face has us waiting for its debut in 2014 with much anticipation, although Google itself is having some trouble figuring out features they should include with the Google Glass experience.

In an interview with IEEE Spectrum, Google Glass project lead Babak Parviz disclosed what Google has planned currently for it:

“We have mentioned some basic capabilities, like taking a picture and sharing it. We are experimenting with a lot of things. The feature set for the device is not set yet.”

Later on in the interview, Parviz said he would like for Google Glass to also be used to help gather information quickly, although he didn’t elaborate as how that would happen seeing as augmented reality wouldn’t be focused on during the initial release of Google Glass, but will likely be available in future generations. Regardless of what Google plans to offer in the first-generation of the Google Glass, we’re sure there will be a good amount of people waiting in line to become one step closer to being a walking, talking cyborg no matter what they decide for it to be used for.

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