We already knew that developers would get their hands on the Explorer Edition of Google Glass device in 6 months or so (for $1500), but Sergei Brin has confirmed to Bloomberg at Google IO that consumers would have to wait until 2014 until they can buy the new hip augmented reality device. Introduced as Google Project Glass, the glasses are an augmented reality module that display information on top of what the user sees (terminator-style). The goal is to have a near hands-free (there’s a trackpad) experience by using voice commands. Google glass can also record what the user sees.

It makes sense as consumers will need polished applications to run on their Google Glass devices, so giving developer about one year of head start is already very ambitious, so it’s hard to ask for a tighter schedule. At the moment, the concept is still at the “prototype” stage says Brin,

Google Glass is part of Google’s X Lab that works on making “science fiction real” in Brin’s own words. The other high profile from this team is the Google self-driving cars that have made impressive progress in the past few years. Check more stories about the Google Project Glass and for the uninitiated here is a “concept” of what Google Glass could be – one day.

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