Patents are interesting (and definitely valuable) things to own, and here we are with word that Google was recently granted a patent for a mobile device that will feature multiple LED flashes. Yes sir, just when you thought that the only way to improve a digital camera on a smartphone would be to cram in more megapixels, along comes a bright idea (pun not intended) to shed more light on the situation. It could be the next Nexus or Motorola flagship smartphone, we do not know, that will feature this innovation where the imaging department is concerned.

LED flashes have always played second fiddle to Xenon flashes for a long time now, but when you have multiple LED flashes in action, perhaps it might finally achieve parity with Xenon. Of course, this would also mean going easy on your smartphone’s battery since LEDs do not have the kind of high power consumption that Xenon flashes do, and neither does it require plenty of space. Will subjects having their photos taken with multiple LED flashes find it to be equally bright? Only time will tell.

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