[CES 2013] We first heard of Gorilla Glass from Corning some years back, and while it is not shatterproof or could be used to deflect a punch from the Incredible Hulk, Gorilla Glass is said to be far tougher and more rigid than the standard issue display that you find on portable devices such as smartphones, tablets and the like. Well, it seems that Gorilla Glass has received a sequel since then, and at CES 2013, we would be privy to the new generation of super-tough Gorilla Glass that will be formally known as Gorilla Glass 3. How creative, huh? Perhaps all the bananas that the team had eaten during its development had stunted the naming part.

Corning promises “a new glass composition with durability enhancements” which would mean your consumer electronics devices that feature Gorilla Glass 3 will be able to withstand even more abuse than ever before. Well, what is next for Gorilla Glass 4, something that even Wolverine is unable to slice through? [Press Release]

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