As promised, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has arrived over at the PlayStation Store as a download, where it will cost you $9.99 which will fall under the PS2 Classics collection. I am quite sure that those who will download it, the majority of them would have completed the game in the past on their PS2, and would want to take a romp down memory lane. In fact, the folks over at Sony were nice enough to create a map which originally packed in the game box available as a high resolution JPEG file for you to print out, simply because this is a digital format of the game. I am quite sure that after printing out this map, you would find it handy should you get lost in Little Havana.

Apart from that, those who are perfectionists might want to check out maps for GTA3 and San Andreas, as both of them can be downloaded from the PS Store to boot. This is truly an experience for you to rediscover your love for the franchise ten years back, and it will prove to the masses whether this game is able to stand the test of time or not.

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