Two hackers from U.K. are sentenced to 100 hours of community service after officials found them guilty of stealing unreleased Michael Jackson tracks from Sony Music Entertainment. 27-year old James Marks and 26-year old James McCormick were arrested in 2011 after Sony contacted U.K. authorities. Marks and McCormick reportedly broke into the servers of Sony in the U.S. and stole the unreleased tracks belonging to the legendary pop icon.

Authorities discovered from chat logs on their computers that both hackers were planning to sell or trade the precious tracks. The Organized Crime Agency in U.K. said that James Marks and James McCormick stole and downloaded more than 8,000 files, which reportedly included unreleased or partial tracks. Today, the court has sentenced the two hackers and ordered both to do community service at central England’s Leicester Crown Court. Do you think that the penalty is enough? Or do they deserve more?

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