[CES 2013] So, you have had your fair share of feasting over the holiday season, and realized that your wardrobe has shrunk (or so you tell yourself) in a matter of weeks. Perhaps what you need is a gadget-related catalyst to help you get back to shape – and the HAPIfork is one smart utensil that intends to do just that. For starters, the HAPIfork will be equipped with a sensor that is capable of detecting the speed at which you shovel down your food, and should it go beyond the recommended levels, the HAPIfork will vibrate gently so that you can slow down.

Not only that, the HAPIfork is also capable of sending data surrounding your eating habits to a smartphone or computer for future evaluation, in addition to drawing up a plan which, fingers crossed, will let you eat at a more sensible speed instead of wolfing down your food. The HAPIfork is a Kickstarter project that will launch sometime in March this year.

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