Just as you were about to think that the HTC M7 rumors were enough to prove its actual existence, EvLeaks, known as the reputable surreptitious informant on Twitter, tweeted something that really got our attention. Just a few hours ago, EvLeaks tweeted saying, “HTC M7 confirmed for AT&T, leaving TMO as the only major US carrier lacking concrete evidence.” The surreptitious informant is claiming that the HTC M7 is already “confirmed” for the U.S. major carriers, Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint that is, with the exception of T-Mobile.

But it’s worth pointing out that EvLeaks is citing “lack of concrete evidence,” which leaves us wondering where it got the information in the first place. EvLeaks might be relying on the basis of evidence, which is still good news by the way. Earlier today, we’ve seen HTC’s Sense 5 UI running on what appears to be a Sprint HTC M7 ported to a Droid DNA. Things are getting pretty interesting, so stay tuned for more HTC M7 news.

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