Iran wants to have their very own space monkeys – literally, as Iranian space officials have announced that they will make another attempt at sending, or launching rather, a live monkey into space sometime in February. Hamid Fazeli, head of the Iranian Space Agency, said, “Testing phase of these living capsules has ended and monkeys to be sent to space are now in quarantine. These monkeys will be sent into space according to a timetable on Fajr Ceremonies.”

Just what are Fajr Ceremonies? They refer to a 10-day period that begins at the start of February, as the Iranian Revolution is commemorated. There was a previous failed attempt at sending a monkey to space in 2011, and hopefully when this early February arrives, no monkey would have lived in vain in their latest attempt. If Iran makes even more significant spaceflight technology gains, then other countries might want to watch out for them – who knows what else they would put in space?

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