Sony Mobile certainly wants to make sure that their upcoming Xperia range of devices will jive closely with one another. Basically, I am referring to the fact that if you want to pick up the interesting and rugged Xperia Z smartphone, you might also want to consider getting the Xperia Tablet Z along with it. Why, do you ask? Well, the answer is pretty simple, when their powers combine, you end up with Captain Planet! Nah, I’m just kidding here, and do forgive me for being a wee bit corny here as it is late into the night.

Basically, Sony Mobile Japan will ensure that your Xperia Z will never end up exhausting its battery as long as there is an amply powered Xperia Tablet Z in the vicinity. This is because there will be a dedicated micro USB cable from Elecom which will go on sale soon, allowing you to juice up your Sony Xperia Z smartphone from the Xperia Tablet Z. We are quite sure that future models of the Xperia smartphone range will be compatible with this peripheral in the future, unless Sony Mobile wants to commit marketing hara-kiri with such a limited functioning peripheral.

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