It looks like Kim Dotcom is never too far removed from the news, as his recently launched file sharing website that is known as Mega ended up resembling its previous “relative”, so to speak, which was known as Megaupload and has already closed down. It seems that anonymous users have already launched a search engine which will index the numerous files uploaded to Mega, and theoretically, this would make it a whole lot easier to look for copyright-protected material.

In fact, it was earlier today, where the third party search engine was blocked by Dotcom, taking under 24 hours to do so after its existence was first reported online. The search engine, known as, is no longer available online. There was a message in French that is located on its home page, where according to Google Translate, says, “Due to a script developed by Mega to delete all files indexed in Mega-search, the engine is temporarily unavailable. A solution to overcome this problem will be made shortly.”

Looks like the quick response showed by Mega underlines the seriousness that Dotcom never exhibited in the past in making sure that no copyrighted material are made available for the masses.

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