Before Windows Phone started making a splash, the smartphone platform wars was mostly between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, although in all fairness Google did roll out several official iOS apps that were pretty good, such as the recent Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube and etc. However it looks like the war between Android and Windows Phone is starting to heat up and according to a recent accusation by Microsoft, they claim that Google executives forced YouTube to not create an app for the Windows Phone platform, thus making the YouTube experience on Windows Phone devices less than stellar.

Microsoft is also claiming that Google has prevented them from creating their own YouTube app that would offer the same features that iOS and Android users are enjoying, although it should be noted that this is not a new allegation, but it is now supposedly backed up by evidence which Microsoft claims was garnered from YouTube employees. This incident with YouTube is an add-on to the series of problems that Microsoft is having with Google, such as Google’s decision to end support for Exchange ActiveSync, and the announcement by Google that they had no plans for native apps for the Windows Phone platform which led to Windows Phone users petitioning Google for it.

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