I can just foresee it, assuming Motorola’s upcoming rumored flagship model takes on the whispered “X Phone” moniker – “X Marks The Spot”, as some headlines will read, if Motorola’s X Phone really lives up to the hype, expectation, and more. Word on the street has it that the Motorola X Phone will come with a 5-inch display (surely it needs to do so if it were to keep up with the Joneses), in addition to sporting an edge-to-edge design that translates to one thing – no more ugly bezels, and your eyes would get plenty more visual real estate!

The Motorola X Phone is said not to be a Nexus device, and there are rumors going around that Motorola will market this as a cross-carrier-branded device, which is where the “X” comes in handy. Apart from that, there are also rumors that Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie will ship with it, which is rather disturbing since Google tends to introduce their own smartphones (from a different manufacturer, of course) that carries the latest version of a new operating system. Perhaps Motorola’s X Phone will debut at Google I/O, who knows? Just take all of the above in with a pinch of salt and you should be all right.

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