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Motorola X Phone For Verizon (XT1060) Spotted At The FCC
Just the other we reported that the Motorola X Phone could be arriving on Verizon or Sprint’s network. This follows reports of the alleged X Phone being spotted at the FCC with AT&T’s radios on it, and if you’re a Verizon user starting to feel a bit left out that the phone might end up being an AT&T exclusive, fret not because true to last week’s rumors, it seems that […]

Evleaks: Motorola X Phone Spotted For Real
Yesterday, we mentioned about how the Motorola XT1055 could very well be the fabled Motorola X Phone. Well, whatever the case was, it seems that this particular leak from the good people over at @evleaks could be the real deal, where images of it have been released. The Motorola X Phone, carrying its codename “Ghost” (how fitting, considering the relative rarity of spotting it in the wild) to great effect. […]

Motorola XT1055 Could Be The Elusive X Phone
The Motorola X phone does seem to be too far away to think about right now, where there have been rumors circulating concerning the X phone and its seemingly insane hardware specifications. In fact, it was rumored sometime last week that a Google X phone was spotted with Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie running on it, and here we are with the possibility that the Motorola XT1055 which you have […]

Google X Phone With Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie Spotted (Rumor)
There was a rumor earlier on concerning the Motorola X Phone arriving in 20 different colors, which would be a range that would even put Nintendo and their collection of 3DS XL models to shame, and it would be a throwback to the heydays of Nokia when they rolled out as many colors as there were models. Well, it seems that a new device has been spotted on an AnTuTu […]


Motorola X Phone To Arrive In 20 Different Colors [Rumor]
We’ve been hearing a ton of rumors about the alleged Motorola X Phone, which according to the rumors, is not a single device, but rather a series of devices much like how Samsung uses the Galaxy brand for its lineup of phones and tablets. In any case it has been suggested that the Motorola X Phone could differentiate itself from the competition by allowing customization, although we’re not sure to […]

Motorola X Release Reportedly Pushed Back Till August
Many believe that Motorola X is not one smartphone, it is actually a whole line of smartphones which can be customized. Customers will supposedly be able to customize internal hardware such as RAM, color and storage before the smartphone is shipped to them. The entire Motorola X line is reportedly being made to compete with Samsung’s insanely popular Galaxy line. Be it one or more smartphones, it is now being […]

Motorola X Phone Rumored For June/July Release
We’ve been hearing rumors about the Motorola X Phone, with some earlier reports claiming it to be a single device, and with later reports suggesting that it is actually a series of Android devices that may very well be customizable in terms of hardware. While Google/Motorola has yet to confirm the speculation, a new rumor has emerged (via Phone Arena) suggesting that the X Phone, or at least one device […]

Customizable Motorola X Phone Possibly Hinted In Google+ Post By Guy Kawasaki
About a week ago we reported on a rumor that the Motorola X Phone could actually be referring to a series of devices, as opposed to a single one. However the more interesting part of that rumor was that the X Phone could be the first customizable Android device, meaning that users will be able to customize certain aspects of its hardware and have it shipped to them. We’re not […]

Motorola X Phone Is Not A Single Device, Could Feature Customizable Hardware As Well [Rumor]
We have seen many times users gripe about certain aspects of their phone. Whether it be the camera’s megapixels aren’t enough, or the display is too small, or there’s not enough store, there will always be complaints. The downside to phones is that unlike computers, we can’t really customize them, at least not in terms of hardware…or can we? According to the folks at Android And Me, they claim to […]

Motorola X-Phone Render Turns Out To Be Fake, Additional Details Revealed
Earlier today we reported that an alleged render of the Motorola X phone was leaked, although according to recent reports and updated blogs (1,2,3), that image turned out to be a fake after all, and thankfully so as the renders did leave a lot to be desired. In any case despite the image turning out to be fake, the folks at Ausdroid claim to have received a tip from one […]

Motorola X : The Next Game Changer In Smartphones (Rumor)
The Motorola X phone seems to be making news splashes, with rumors that the smartphone developed completely by Google (which owns Motorola), will be a “game changer”.  While rumors about the smartphone have been around since January 2013, Chief Technology Officer of Australian wireless provider Telstra suggests the smartphone is a “breakthrough” that can “put pressure on Samsung and Apple”. 

Motorola X Phone Gets Sony Camera, Maxx Battery Life (Rumor)
It goes without saying that the Motorola X phone is already well in the pipeline, ready and waiting to be unleashed upon the masses at the right time, but this bit of rumor from Phone Arena certainly shares a wee bit more information than usual – and one of them would be the battery life of the Motorola X phone, where it is touted to come with a battery capacity […]

Motorola 'X Phone' Referenced In LinkedIn Job Listing
Ever since the Wall Street Journal revealed Google’s intent to work with Motorola to create their “X Phone,” which they plan to have it compete with iPhone and Galaxy devices, we’ve been keeping a close eye on any news regarding the device. So far, we heard rumors the X Phone is an unbreakable Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie device expected for a July release.We’re not hearing anything as exciting as those previous rumors […]

Motorola X Phone Is Unbreakable...
…or at least, that is what Google would like you to believe. Basically, we have heard our fair share of news and rumors concerning a certain Motorola X phone in the past few days, and here we are with more information on it. The Motorola X phone will be quite different from the Nexus range of devices that Google has approached different Android partners to construct, as the X phone […]

Motorola X Phone Could Be New Flagship With Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie
I can just foresee it, assuming Motorola’s upcoming rumored flagship model takes on the whispered “X Phone” moniker – “X Marks The Spot”, as some headlines will read, if Motorola’s X Phone really lives up to the hype, expectation, and more. Word on the street has it that the Motorola X Phone will come with a 5-inch display (surely it needs to do so if it were to keep up […]

Google Working With Motorola On 'X Phone' To Compete with iPhone, Galaxy Devices
It’s undeniable how popular Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy phones have become over the years as these two devices seem to be the go-to phones for iOS and Android users, although there really isn’t another iOS-type phone out their besides the iPhone. But if a report from the Wall Street Journal turns out to be true, we could be seeing a Google phone that will may very well rival both […]