Good news, gamers! If you thought that companies rarely listen to their customers, things have definitely changed for the better with the advent of more awareness among the customers, and word of mouth via the Internet has proven itself to be a venerable tour de force, too. Those who figured out that the Ouya console’s controller did not seem as though it will be up to snuff when released will be pleased to hear that the hardware design team at Ouya have taken your suggestions into consideration, slept over it, and surprise, surprise, did something about it.

Basically, the Ouya controller has been tweaked according to the whims and fancies of gamers. After all, don’t you think that gamers know best, considering that they are the ones who will be spending hours upon hours in the living room with the Ouya video game console buzzing away, while their palms and fingers will pummel away the buttons on the Ouya controller?

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